Advanced Google AdWords

Praise for Advanced Google AdWords
Most books about search advertising show you how to do it. In Advanced Google
AdWords, paid search expert Brad Geddes takes it to the next level, showing you not
only how to get the most from your search advertising campaigns, but more importantly
why you should use specific features and techniques, who you should be targeting
with your creative, and when to use the scores of advanced tactics he describes for
maximum impact and profitability. I’d advise buying more than one copy of this book
because you’ll wear one out from constant use.
—Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land
The thing that differentiates this book from other AdWords guides is that it takes you
inside the mind of a successful paid search advertiser and walks you through each
and every step of the auction and advertising process. The two consistent strengths
of the book are its ability to ground the reader in the core goals of their advertising
program (generating leads and sales through effective targeting and messaging) and its
relentless attention to detail. That perspective and thoroughness mean that the book
is accessible to less sophisticated advertisers, and ensure that there are a series of valuable
nuggets for intermediate and even expert AdWords users.
—Tom Demers, Director of Marketing with WordStream
Brad is the go-to guru for AdWords. Advanced Google AdWords is actionable, readable,
and has tons of handy tips that any online advertiser can try immediately. Even
if you think you know everything about Quality Score or the Google content network,
you’ll find things you haven’t thought about that can boost your sales right away.
—Ron Drabkin, VP Business Development,
Brad has made a lot of people a lot of money in some of the most competitive markets
of PPC marketing. Now he’s put all his knowledge into one book. Buy and read this
book before your competitors do!
—Adrian Bye, Founder,
Ironically, it’s hard to find complete, accurate, and intelligent information about how to
build and manage paid search campaigns. Brad Geddes is one of the few people in the
PPC world that I trust to deeply know the facts, communicate them clearly, and add
value with insights that save time and/or money. This book is perfect for anyone who
wants to really learn paid search and discover the best ways to improve their results.
—Craig Danuloff, President, ClickEquations
Brad’s book is the most comprehensive compilation of Google AdWords tools and
how-to advice I’ve seen in some time. He gives a thorough explanation of the theory and history of search, and provides detailed, specific instructions on execution of
strategies & tactics covering every possible facet of Google AdWords. Every online
marketer, from novice to expert, will find this an invaluable resource in getting the
most out of their AdWords campaigns.
— Melissa Mackey, Online Marketing Manager, Fluency Media; Search
Engine Watch Expert Author, Search Advertising
Brad Geddes knows marketing, and he understands the inscrutable mind of
Google—a killer combination when it comes to explaining AdWords. His book is a
powerful combination of deep insight and simple prescriptions that will help anyone,
from AdWords novice to seasoned pro, get more clicks and make more sales. I’ve
never seen a clearer discussion of the buying funnel as it relates to choosing keywords
and writing ads. And you ignore the chapter on Quality Score at your own risk. This
book raised my game—and I’m sure it’ll do the same with yours.
—Howie Jacobson, Ph.D., author of Google AdWords For Dummies
There are many paid search experts out there, but Brad is unique in that he is not just
an expert, but is able to effectively communicate his knowledge to those who are new
to the field. It is rare to find someone in the industry that has such a deep understanding
of a topic that can teach both the basics and the robust features of paid search.
— Barry Schwartz, CEO of RustyBrick, Editor at Search Engine Land &
Search Engine Roundtable
Brad Geddes is one of the few AdWords experts I always pay attention to. He’s one of
the best in the field. This book is incredibly comprehensive, illustrative, and readable.
Both beginners and experienced pay-per-click marketers will find invaluable insights
here. Brad fills in a lot of gaps that the AdWords Help screens don’t cover. Otherwise,
you’d have to get the info from an AdWords rep, and only the biggest spenders get the
best attention from these reps. Heeding this book’s advice from the start will save you
a lot of money and get you much better results. Highly recommended.
—Brian Carter, Director of PPC, SEO, Social Media at Fuel Interactive
If Google set out to make AdWords simple—they failed. Brad steps into the breach
and makes things clear, understandable, and profitable for us mere mortals with a
marketing background.
—Andy Atkins-Krüger, CEO WebCertain…